Lord Richard's NFT's


Welcome to Lord Richard's NFTs

The digital home of a curious Crypto Pig who loves to explore the exciting world of cryptocurrency! 

Born in a small farm in rural England, Lord Richard was always different from his pig siblings. 

While they were content to root around in the mud, he had a keen sense of smell and a curious mind that led him to venture beyond the confines of the pigpen! 

We're proud to showcase Lord Richard's five favorite cryptocurrencies 

- $XRP, $FET, $VET, $ALGO, and $XLM -

 in all his NFT collections. 

By doing so, we celebrate the unique properties and innovative use cases of each of these exciting crypto assets. 

NFTs are not just digital art but a representation of the power and potential of these fascinating cryptocurrencies. 

Lord Richard's NFTs are unique, one-of-a-kind digital assets that capture special moments in his Crypto-Journey. From snapshots of him celebrating success to portraits of him meeting new crypto friends, each NFT is a rare and valuable piece of Lord Richard's story. 

Lord Richard's NFTs are issued 

on the XRP Ledger


 a cutting-edge blockchain technology known for its speed, scalability, and security. Our aim is to drive adoption and usage of this revolutionary technology and to revolutionize the world of NFTs in the process!

 Whether you're a collector, a utility-crypto enthusiast, or just curious about the future of digital art, Lord Richard's NFTs on the XRP Ledger offer a unique and compelling opportunity to be part of something truly innovative. 

Join us on our journey and let's explore the cryptocurrency world together!